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Our Services


Create concept
Architectural project development
Reaching analysis
Feasibility report
Competition analysis
Land development
Purchase consulting
Project managing


Leasing continuity
Socio-economic situation analysis
Sectorial mixing analysis
Brands mixing analysis and optimization
Kiosk and stand needs analysis in the mall
Preparing business regulation
Preparing technical specifications and decoration handbook for tenants
Determining target brands
Commercial contracts
Contract management
Choosing appropriate locations for different types of tenants


Managing audits for the tenants
Preparing managing principles
Organization charts
Choosing employees and training
Audit of budget reports
Financial reports
Preparing monthly and yearly budgets
CAPEX reports
Tenants relation management
Pursuance and reorganization of contracts
Marketing strategy
Increase profitability


Consulting PR for brands
Project launch
Improve efficiency of chain stores
Acquisitions and merger


NTS Consulting is a team consisted by business and customer-focused, dynamic and open-minded professionals who have good communication skills. Having experience in the retail industry will be an advantage for you. If you do not have experience in the retail industry, but have an analytical work style which is customer satisfaction-oriented, and dominates all details, we would like to see you on our professional team.

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